Digital Transformation Consultant

Engaging a Digital Transformation Consultant is most beneficial for companies who could enhance their customer experience and/or operating processes by applying modern digital tools and practices but who lack the in house experience to reimagine their organisation and piece together the required people, processes and technologies to deliver that vision.

As your Digital Transformation Consultant I could:

  • Help you identify the optimal business model for your organisation to aspire to
  • Plot a route from where you are to where you would like to be
  • Apply modern technologies to keep you ahead of your competition 
  • Lead vendor selection processes that result in high value, long term partnerships
  • Establish high performing internal teams

How I Will Work With You

Once engaged as your Digital Transformation Consultant I will be a trusted member of your team and I will communicate effectively across the organisation to understand pain points and develop opportunities. 

Once your digital transformation is in flight I will offer you continuity by being available to you for the duration of your digital transformation project. Such continuity is vital to the success of mission critical transformations, which often last multiple years and outlive many full time and contract team members. 

Digital Transformation Consultant in Berkshire

I am a digital transformation consultant based in Wokingham, Berkshire. However, the majority of my clients are London based and some are as far away as the USA.

Whether you are eager to get started or just looking for an informal chat about your digital transformation project, please do get in touch below.