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Digital Transformation.

Silver Bullet or Poisoned Chalice?

Meet Jack, a CIO with a mountain to climb.

Jack took over a burned out IT department. Morale is low and the board do not trust IT to deliver value after a series of failures

Jack identifies the problems:

My digital transformation programme is a money pit

My ERP/CRM/XYZ does not integrate with other systems

My IT projects are always late, over budget and error prone

My operational processes are so inefficient my company is not competitive and staff are demoralised

My IT systems are not fit for purpose

My business cannot scale because my software cannot support it

Meet Jane, a visionary CEO.

Jane wants to dominate her market with cutting edge tech and digital excellence to delight her customers. Her team are excited.

Jane has a plan:

I need to integrate systems to get a single view of the customer

I need to bring a digital product to market. Should I be thinking about DevOps?

I need to improve data quality to make data driven decisions and improve efficiency

I need to synchronise data to better service customers, comply with GDPR and enhance efficiency

I need development and deployment processes and tooling that will let me innovate faster

I need an API based data platform in order to realise full value for my company's data assets.

Digital transformation transcends your tech stack.
Master your full stack to secure your success.

Graham Roberts - Expert.

Graham Roberts

I am a digital transformation consultant, systems integration architect and fractional CTO located in Wokingham, Berkshire.

On my career journey through developer, trainer, mentor, architect, consultant, CTO and founder I have seen and solved the challenges that your company faces.

My experience will reduce your risk, transform your IT systems, processes and teams and enhance your business.

I will be your trusted, expert digital advisor and you will deliver your strategy goals.