Fractional CTO

Engaging a Fractional CTO (Chief Technology Officer) is most beneficial to those companies who require access to deep technical expertise but who prefer not to add the expense of a full time, senior leadership role to their payroll.

As your Fractional CTO I could:

  • Create and deliver a technology strategy that supports your corporate strategy
  • Maximise value from your technology suppliers
  • Derisk technology investment decisions
  • Drive innovation to keep you ahead of your competitors
  • Direct the delivery of large scale IT projects to minimise risk and maximise opportunity
  • Create high performing technology teams supported by efficient technology and processes

Once engaged as your Fractional CTO I will be a trusted member of your team gaining a strong understanding of your industry, your business model, your pain points and your opportunities. Despite not working for a client full time, I do stay involved with my clients for a long period of time, with some engagements exceeding 10 years. This long term but fractional approach offers you low cost access to expert knowledge at the same time as giving you the continuity required to deliver against long term visions. 

I am a Fractional CTO in Wokinhgam, Berkshire. However I am currently engaged as a Fractional CTO in Berkshire (UK), London (UK) and Washington (USA).

Whether you are sure this is the right step for your company or you just need an informal chat to ask a few more questions, feel free to get in touch below.